From now on you will be able to find and negotiate your own fight.
BML EASY FIGHT it’s a new search matching system where thousands
of fighters for all around the world are ready to fight!

WE Got You Covered

best match guaranteed

It guarantees 100% the best match between available fighters. It has a message center that is used only for the purpose of contacting potential candidates, to concrete and close the deal.


Time saving and elimination of intermediaries

It facilitates and streamlines the connection between concerned parties, and the replacement of last-minute opponents, with fewer phone calls to third parties or inactive fighters

Saving Money

Saving TONS of money. Promoters, Matchmakers and Managers lower the costs of their investment to perform events and on the other hand Boxers increase their fight purse.

BML EASY FIGHT is a Powerful
Search Online System.

It was specifically designed for Promoters, Matchmakers, Experienced Managers and Boxers, and other well-known agents about Boxing Business. The system provides quick and easy access to a complete set of tools that ensure the best match between boxers, in a single website just a click away. Surveys have shown that users find it convenient and very useful.

The System is designed to be comfortable and very easy to use for all users, creating a direct connection between Promoters, Matchmakers, Managers and Boxers.

Boxers through a simple form can create a profile themselves, with all the important attributes for which would be considered in fights match searching, just to mention some, such as the weight divisions that dominates, distance that they are able to fight and the minimum payment that they would accept for a fight, thus becoming visible to any Promoter, Manager or Matchmaker who is looking for opponent or new talents of boxing , receiving direct messages from them, already to close a deal and do the fight contract, as well as constant notifications for when there is high demand for boxers of their category, among other benefits.

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